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DASSAULT Falcon 2000S

Our Falcon 2000S has a uniquely quiet cabin and offers unsurpassed comfort for up to 10 passengers.


Length: 66.40 ft 
Height: 23.20 ft
Wingspan: 70.20 ft 
Max. takeoff weight: 41,000 lb
Max. landing weight: 39,300 lb
Max. range: 3,200 nm
Max. cruise altitude: 47,000 ft
Max. speed: 608 mph
Max. payload: 4,950 lb
Max. flight time: 7 hours
Delivery: July 2015


Height: 6.17 ft 
Length: 26.20 ft
Width: 7.66 ft
Baggage hold: 130.60 ft³


  • 10 Comfortable leather seats
  • 4 Sleeping areas (convertible) | 2 single beds & 1 double bed
  • Fully equipped galley
  • Generously sized rest room


  • 2 Pilots
  • 1 Cabin Attendant


  • 2 in-seat monitors & 1 large full HD monitor
  • Blue-ray & AirShow
  • SatCom Telephone
  • iPhone/iPad charger

Day Configuration

Night Configuration

The DASSAULT Falcon 2000S is a first-class business jet that embodies excellence in performance and comfort. With a length of approximately 20 meters and an impressive wingspan, the Falcon 2000S can accommodate up to 10 passengers and is known for its luxurious cabin, which offers the highest level of comfort and first-class amenities.

This aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C turbofan engines that provide outstanding speed and range. The Falcon 2000S can reach a top speed of approximately 900 kilometers per hour and has an impressive range of over 5,500 kilometers, enabling long-range flights without stopovers.

The cabin of the Falcon 2000S is spacious and offers various configuration options, including conference areas, bedrooms and stylish seating areas. Passengers can relax in an elegant and comfortable environment and make productive use of their time on board.

The DASSAULT Falcon 2000S is also characterized by its first-class avionics and its modern safety systems, which make flight operations safer.

Overall, the Falcon 2000S is an excellent choice for business travelers looking for the ultimate in luxury, outstanding performance and impressive range. With its timeless design and commitment to comfort and safety, it sets the standard in the world of business travel and remains a preferred choice for discerning travelers worldwide.

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