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Our range of services meets every requirement arising in the field of business aviation. We provide advice before the acquisition of your business jet or helicopter and help you to select the model that is perfectly tailored to your needs. In doing so, we take into consideration all cost factors related to the procurement and operation of the aircraft. We take care of the professional management, preserve your capital and monitor the profitability of your business jet or helicopter. Upon request, we can also help you to significantly reduce your operating costs by optimally marketing your aircraft.


Your benefits at a glimpse

  • Detailed technical and financial valuation of the offers on the market
  • Advice on the technical features and design of the cabin
  • For used aircraft: Technical inspections to evaluate the aircraft as a basis for negotiating the purchase price
  • For new aircraft: Supervision of the entire manufacturing process through to delivery, while fully safeguarding the customer's interests (carrying out inspections for ongoing support and monitoring of the construction progress)
  • Ensuring that the conditions agreed in the purchase contract are adhered to, thereby avoiding consequential costs for any subsequent technical and/or cabin work that may be necessary
  • Advice on suitable financing and insurance offers
  • Transport of the aircraft to the final destination as well as its registration and importation
  • Ensuring a smooth commencement of flight operations including selection and training of technicians and crew as well as coordinating the complex operating procedures with the relevant aviation authority
  • Specially appointed DC Aviation team of experts consisting of licensed technicians, engineers, avionics technicians, pilots & cabin crew, lawyers and a representative from the management side



We are happy to consult you on the basis of many years of well-founded experience with a wide variety of aircraft types.


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Aviation Consulting from the exclusive service provider DC Aviation

Aviation Consulting is a specialized service that supports both companies and private individuals in making the right decisions in the complex world of aviation. The service covers a wide range of aspects - from the selection and acquisition of aircraft to the optimization of your own flight operations. For our exclusive clientele, we offer a wide range of customized services to meet the needs of private flyers, business flyers and investors in an international market.

Aviation Consulting with DC Aviation: Maximum mobility, minimum costs

DC Aviation offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of business aviation. We support our customers even before they purchase a business jet or helicopter by helping them to select the model that best suits their requirements and expectations. At your request, we take into account all cost factors relating to the procurement and (anticipated) operation of the aircraft. In this way, we ensure professional management, the preservation and increase of your capital and continuous monitoring of the profitability of your helicopter or business jet. Do you want to reduce the operating costs of your machine through optimal marketing? We will be happy to assist you with this too and support you in maximizing your potential.

What are the advantages of Aviation Consulting with DC Aviation?

One of the most important benefits for our customers is the detailed technical and financial evaluation of offers on the market. We also advise you on the technical equipment and design of the cabin, carry out inspections, evaluate used aircraft and can manage the entire manufacturing process for new aircraft on your behalf.

We are familiar with financing and insurance, transfer aircraft, take care of their registration and import as well as the smooth start of flight operations - including the selection and training of technicians and crew if required. We also ensure that conditions agreed in purchase contracts are adhered to - for example, to avoid follow-up costs for reworking the technology or cabin.

Experience and expertise in aviation consulting with DC Aviation

We advise and support our customers on the basis of many years of in-depth experience with a wide variety of aircraft types. In addition to our headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, we have other locations, including Munich, Dubai, Malta and Nice, to provide efficient aviation consulting services to private and corporate clients worldwide. Our team of experts includes technicians, engineers, pilots and trained cabin crew as well as lawyers and competent managers. This exclusive team is ready to provide you with perfectly tailored services and high-quality solutions.

Our Aviation Consulting services are based on the specific requirements of business aviation and investors; we offer expertise for your success. Aviation consulting is an increasingly important service in the aviation industry. Trends such as sustainable travel, automation or the redefinition of traditional markets bring great opportunities with the right partners. Get aviation consulting experts on board so that you can always react quickly and correctly to challenges and ultimately benefit from them.


FAQ on the subject of Aviation Consulting:

What is Aviation Consulting?

Aviation Consulting refers to consulting services in the aviation industry that assist companies and individuals in the selection, purchase, operation and management of aircraft.

How does Aviation Consulting assist in the selection and purchase of an aircraft?

Consulting services help select the right aircraft model based on your needs, perform evaluations and inspections to ensure the best value for money, and provide support every step of the way until purchase.

What services are included in Aviation Consulting?

The Aviation Consulting division offers various services, including the detailed evaluation of market offers and advice on the technical equipment and cabin design of aircraft. For used aircraft, technical inspections are part of the purchase price negotiation, while for new aircraft, the entire manufacturing process is accompanied through to delivery. In addition, financing and insurance advice, aircraft transfers and support with commissioning, including the training of technicians and crews, are offered.

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