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Aircraft Management

Your Investment In The Best Hands

Aircraft Management

We serve owners of business jets and helicopters as a competent and discreet partner in all matters and processes – aviation, legal, technical and commercial. As Germany's leading business aviation company, we possess the resources to provide you with all services from a single source – meaning that you can rely on us for complete operational oversight of all processes. Our Flight Information Tool (FIT), which was developed in-house, gives you full access to the latest data on your aircraft, such as flight or maintenance events or the training status of the crew. You can therefore feel confident that your aircraft is being operated safely and cost-effectively at all times.



Your benefits at a glimpse

  • More than 25 years of experience in keeping almost all types of aircraft
  • Personal support from key account managers
  • All-round services from a single source (without external services)
  • Optimum value retention of your plane/helicopter through our qualified maintenance operation
  • Potential savings on insurance, jet fueling and crew deployment
  • Maximum process transparency through our Flight Information Tool (FIT)
  • Charter marketing upon request
  • Access to one of the largest and most versatile fleets in the market if required


Explore the facilities where our employees work hand in hand for you around the clock.



Passion for Quality is what drives our customers and us

Maximum Safety in the Air

Put your trust in the highest standards and over 120,000 event-free flight hours

100 % Individuality

We plan your trips exactly as you want them

Highest Flexibility

Ready for takeoff for you in two hours


Professional Discretion

Your privacy has top priority for our teams

99,62% Reliability

Thanks to top-level maintenance


Unlimited Transparency

We will keep you completely informed about your aircraft at any time

Aircraft Management: Your investment in the best hands

DC Aviation is one of Germany's leading business aviation companies. We have more than 25 years of ownership experience with almost all types of aircraft and have all the necessary resources to offer owners of business jets and helicopters a comprehensive aircraft management service. As part of our convenient 360° service, we support our customers as a competent and discreet partner in all matters and processes. Aircraft management includes the requirements of international aviation law as well as technical and commercial aspects.

We take service in Aircraft Management personally

As a customer of the DC Aviation Group, you will be looked after by your personal key account manager in Aircraft Management - for all requirements relating to business aviation. We offer you first-class all-round support from a single source, without external services. This is made possible by a customized DC Aviation team of experts consisting of licensed technicians, engineers, avionics specialists, pilots, cabin crew, lawyers and a management representative. The team takes over the entire operational control of all processes - from procurement to flight operations and accounting.

Before you purchase a business jet or helicopter, we will provide you with thorough and competent advice to ensure that you find exactly the aircraft that meets your requirements. We assess both the technical equipment and the design of the cabin for you - and also take into account all cost factors relating to the procurement and ongoing operation of the aircraft.

As part of the selection process to identify suitable manufacturers and models, we prepare a detailed technical and financial evaluation of all offers on the market. If you decide on a used aircraft, we will carry out and document technical inspections in advance to evaluate the aircraft, which will form the basis for negotiations with the supplier on the purchase price.

When purchasing a new aircraft, we accompany the entire production process through to delivery on site at the manufacturer's premises. Our experienced engineers and technicians accompany and monitor the progress of construction through regular inspections. In this way, we ensure that your company's interests are fully protected and that the services agreed in the purchase contract are provided as agreed. This proactive aircraft management enables us to avoid follow-up costs when purchasing new aircraft, such as for necessary technical work or subsequent adjustments to cabin equipment.

After the purchase, we ensure the transfer of your aircraft or helicopter to its final destination with our own personnel. Your personal team of aircraft management experts will take care of the necessary formalities, such as registration or obtaining an import permit, as well as the selection and training of technicians and crew and the coordination of operating procedures with the relevant aviation authority.

With our Aircraft Management you always have a complete overview

We are also happy to advise you on suitable financing and insurance offers and show you how you can significantly reduce the operating costs of your aircraft through optimal charter marketing. We provide professional management, protect and maintain the value of your investment and monitor the profitability of your business jet or helicopter. With our self-developed Flight Information Tool (FIT), you have unrestricted access to current data on your aircraft, e.g. on flight or maintenance events or the crew's training status. This means you can be sure at all times that your aircraft is flying safely and is being operated at optimum efficiency. Our qualified maintenance operation ensures maximum reliability and safety in the air - and ensures that your aircraft is ready for take-off in around two hours whenever you request it.

DC Aviation: We have the solution, even for individual travel requirements

If you are interested in our services in the field of aircraft management, we look forward to hearing from you personally. Please send us an e-mail to, use our contact form or simply give us a call on +49 711 933 06-0.

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