We are your Experts for repatriation flights - let it be corporation's, private individuals or your loved ones. Our aircraft are equipped with Pandemic kits and we are well versed in the correct and current sanitation guide lines for aviation travel. Do not leave your next flight to chance! Fly with the Experts - we have your health and safety in mind.

Please contact our Sales-Team 24/7 at +49 711 933 06 333 or per email: sales@dc-aviation.com

Über 300 Mitarbeiter weltweit

Maximum Readiness

Over 330 highly qualified staff members stand ready for you.

500 Destinationen weltweit

Maximum Flexibility

 We fly you to over 500 destinations worldwide.

Eigener Wartungsbetrieb

Maximum Reliability

 Our own maintenance operation lets us respond fast and flexibly.

Höchste Standards

Maximum Safety

Trust highest safety standards and over 120,000 event-free flight hours.

EBAA Diamond Award of Merit

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